I'm the one in charge now.

We think someone, and we know very well who, called the police.

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My brother uses that bike.

She's intelligent and sophisticated.

Leave me alone, will you?

It took me several hours to reprogram it.

Many trees died during the long drought.

I think we impressed them.

The villagers have done without electricity for a long time.

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Zoology deals with the study of animal life.


Lorien never seems to be very happy.

I asked him a difficult question.

I love to read.

His work hasn't come up to my expectations.

I have trouble working with Jared.


Today is the last day of our vacation.

Bud had no choice but to do what Miriam told him to do.

We could wait.

I've never seen anything like this before.

Ernest is the victim.

Just keep working.

A wife can have property independent of her husband.

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He could not go out because of the heavy rain.


I think you're being a little hard on her.

Can you give us a ride home?

Gideon often brings Nadeem with him when he comes here.

Fletcher is going through a difficult time.

I was in the east of the country when the crime occurred.

It would be nice of you to use the caliper instead of your ruler : it's much more accurate!

We demand justice.

Our visitors are sitting in the living room.

That's no way to speak to your parents!

I know what you're thinking now.

The highly contagious virus was spread through blood and saliva.

Just tell us what you want us to do.

This is Laurie's dictionary.

Vick told me his life's story.

She isn't what she appears to be.


In my dream, I saw you falling from a tall building.

I'd suggest you don't tell Dieter about that.

Where's my other shoe?

Panzer is stunningly beautiful.

Carsten loves listening to classical music.

Talk to her again.

Molly was deeply impressed.

She talked her into quitting her job.

The company closes its books at the end of March.

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His laptop is already five years old.

Lindsey is just a little overweight, isn't he?

You've been really decent to me.

You've stalled long enough, Kerry.

You're supposed to be in bed.

Don't give him any ideas.

The children understand everything.


I want to keep things the way they are.

I didn't benefit from this exchange.

I had to stop Carole.

She published the book at her own expense.

In Japan, bowing is common courtesy.

Bamboo bends before the wind.

Christie won the race.

We don't have any money.

Did you two break up?


Ben often skips classes.

His son is a genius.

Where can you buy books?


I think this is true.

The insect grew out of a pupa into an imago.

He tried not to think about what he had just done.


Dori looked for a school for boys.

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Bjorne took a pilates class.

Cheer up! Things are not as bad as you think.

Sectarian violence is an unwelcome reality for the city's population.

People are strange.

Australians are supposed to have a relaxed and laid-back attitude to life.

I want to do it again.

Could you please briefly introduce yourself?

What an unexpected surprise!

Do you want to hit me? Go ahead and take your best shot.

Air provides considerable thermal insulation when trapped in a chamber.

Everybody laughed at the way Liber was dancing.

Joon is writing a novel now.

Are you athletic?


All men die, but not all men really live.

I am a teacher, not a student.

Pieter felt weak.

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I'm in the middle of a strange adventure.

He opposes this project.

What was Gail's last name?

Does he speak Tagalog?

Rhonda was in a lot of pain.

My only distraction is the game Go.

Anatole was unkind to Randy.


I don't like frisk searches.

You're not the first person to say so.

Now I'm really tired.

Can I have a beer, please?

Hurf knows this isn't going to go well.

Doug discovered the truth.

You're my brother and I love you.

The tongue stings.

Thank you, Jesus.

They got married three months later.

I'd like you to accompany them.

Let's leave as soon as Gideon gets here.

He doesn't show his feelings.

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First, in order to get a feel for your favourite author's work, transcribe and copy in full.

It is getting cooler and cooler.

You look different somehow.

I don't see her much.

I want to buy a new guitar case.

Gordon shivered.

He turned angrily on his accusers.

The plan is incapable of alteration.

Tell her that I am writing a letter.


Bruno is good at French.

Did you wait for us?

If you have a good garden, it will enhance the value of your house.

Lou locked himself in the bathroom and started to cry.

I was hoping you wouldn't find out about what happened.

I'm not good at public speaking.

The girl was made a prisoner and condemned.

Lui pointed to the picture on the wall.

I'm doing this so it doesn't happen again.

Penny meant it.

Small hills look flat from an airplane.

He was seen to come out of the house.

Nathan pulled a lever.

The rules established by the company are very strict.

What is the truth?


It is not just to prefer strength to good wisdom.

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Is it wrong to want to stay?

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I can see it in your eyes.


Of all people, he deserves to be paid better.

John was beating the drums loudly.

It will begin snowing before long.

Part asked me if I would be free tomorrow.

To succeed, you must believe.

Don't work yourself too hard.

For some reason, it's not working.

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The due date for submitting the application is this Friday.

I want to start making plans.

The information is in a file in my computer.

He's not doing a very good job. All the same, you've got to admit that he's doing his best.

Don't be so silly.

How long will this cold weather last?

Sedovic confessed everything to the polygrapher.

I cannot dance one single step of Salsa.

She is my heart.


It wasn't a long list.


I worked alongside Mongo.

Do you want to talk to me?

I am afraid I'll be a burden to you.

We had our priorities, they had their preferences, and we came to an impasse.

A crowd of people gathered to see the parade.

How do you read this kanji?

I guess that goes without saying, doesn't it?

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Did you come here yesterday?

Neil won't be making any deliveries today.

What's the minimum salary in Portugal?


Earl ironed his pants.

He was dazzled by her good looks.

Max asked Ninja to sit down.


It was stupid of him to turn down her offer.

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Randy told Rik he wouldn't do it again.

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I'm sorry but I don't speak Esperanto very well.


Can you show me that picture?

Mechael is homesick.

I can't take my eyes off him.